Karamalz, the leading German premium brand

for malt beer and malt drinks

The brand is distributed in Germany and many other countries of the world since the 1950s, but the roots of this original German drink go back to the 14th/15th century.

The Eichbaum Brewery, which is producing Karamalz, was founded in October 1679.

Karamalz is free of alcohol and consumed by almost all different groups: Kids, pregnant woman, young people, athletes and recreational athletes or just as a refreshing drink in between.

Karamalz is available in its standard taste “Classic”, but also “Lemon” and “Pomegranate” can convince with an excellent taste and outstanding quality.

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Karamalz - the most popular non alcoholic Malt Beer Drink from Germany by Eichbaum Brewery established 1679

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